Splashpad® Planning and Design

Water Play area funparkThe Spectrum of the Splashpad® range from small spray areas to a "water park" experiences hold a firm understanding of water activities and skills required at each level of development. Every Splashpadder will be enticed by appealing age-appropriate activities. Water movement is varied from experience to experience as play progresses to ensure that there is not only more than one type of water effect, but so that a single effect is not overused.

Family Bay - adventure is the aquatic play that keeps families together.

Water Play area funpark Using a combination of play products, the Family Bay encourages cross-generational play. Family Bay is the core Splashpad® building block with young and old alike fascinated by play products such as Dumping Bells and Water Quest.

  • Recommended for:
  • All ages

  • Features:
  • The main area of the Splashpad®
    Allows all family members to play together

Toddler Bay - discover how much fun aquatic play can be.

Water Play area funpark In the Toddler Bay even the youngest children are encouraged to investigate water undisturbed and independently. With gentle water effects and appropriately scaled activities such as our groundsprays, Water Jelly, Aqua Dome and Seashells, light reflection and bright colours ensure that a toddler's first water experiences are fun and unintimidating.

  • Recommended for:
  • Toddlers and preschoolers

  • Features:
  • Discovering process with soft water sprays
    Structures and activities are scaled in size
    A play area that addresses toddlers needs

Teen Bay - action will keep teens and tweens occupied for hours.

Water Play area funparkCharacterized by interactive and surprising aquatic play elements that are manipulated by the users, the Teen Bay is the scene of wild water activities and friendly competition. The constant action of activities such as the water cannons and Team Spray ensures that this Splashpad® solution retains its ongoing appeal for older Splashpadders.

  • Recommended for:
  • Teens and tweens

  • Features:
  • Provides a high energy play environment
    Competitive and cooperative play elements