Splashpad® Basics Products

Water Play area funparkWhether you create an entire Splashpad® using Basics, or use them to complement other design lines, allow yourself to be inspired by these classic, pure forms. To complement the extensive range of Basics play elements we offer an unequalled assortment of ground sprays including our unique interactive Team Sprays. The ground sprays complement any and all Splashpad® design lines making them even more fun.

Traditional and Complementary

Water Play area funparkBasics are must-haves in every design. The incredible range of Basics’ shapes, colours and sizes give you an extensive palette, as well as the unequalled repertory of ground sprays.

  • Recommended for:
  • All ages

  • Features & Benefits:
  • Interactive & Collaborative Play
    Physical Development
    Social Development
    Sensorial Experience