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A Splashpad® is a fully-automated solution that combines the sensations of different natural water movements - flowing, misting, sprinkling, jetting - while providing a safe zero-depth recreation environment that does not require lifeguard supervision. Municipal parks, aquatic centers, hotels and resorts, family recreation centers and amusement parks are just a few of the places where Splashpads® enrich community lifestyle and enhance guests' experiences.

Vortex Splashpad® aquatic play solutions include the following:

  • Splashpad® Basics
  • Simple is beautiful!

  • Splashpad® Plux
  • Plug and Spray.

  • Splashpad® Aqualiens
  • Fancy-Free Fun.

  • Splashpad® Toons
  • Spirited theme designs.

  • Splashpad® Watergarden
  • Water Meets Organic Design.

  • Splashpad® Planning and Design
  • Configurations is designed to encourage “all” to be involved and does not exclude .