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Intelligence at Play

Splashpad® is a dynamic aquatic play area combining different water movements into endless fun for the entire family.

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Keep the Fun flowing

Poolplay™ is a complete interactive range of aquatic play products and slides designed to provide exciting fun for all ages.

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Urban Oasis

Spraypoint™ is an urban water landscape offering a variety of bamboo-inspired shapes, dramatic water movements and color infused light effects.


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Water Play area funparkVortex Aquatic Water Play area funparkAquatic Play is a leading supplier of aquatic water play systems in South Africa. Appointed by Vortex, and with over 3000 installations internationally, Aquatic Play can deliver a first class Aquatic Play Area that provides endless play for all users. Designed for public parks, aquatic centers, residential developments, water parks and hotels, aquatic play products adds value to your location, as well as endless fun for all visitors. Aquatic Play provides you with the support required to make your project a success. Contact Us now!

Every design is intended to promote the following value of play standards:

Value of Play in Water Play areas

VALUE OF PLAY is a keystone in the development of Vortex solutions. Aquatic products are designed to be a source of fun and pleasurable moments for every member of the family. Vortex promotes pure play, entertainment, social & cross-generational interaction, contemplation and relaxation.

Vortex design philosphy

  • Cognitive Development
  • Interaction with the feature leads to the acquisition of knowledge-reasoning, perception, language, intuition.

  • Collaborative Play
  • Promotes cooperative team work.

  • Cross-generational Activities
  • Facilitates the interaction between people of different age groups.

  • Motor Skills Development
  • Stimulates the development of motor skills and coordination.

  • Physical Development
  • Contributes to participants' aerobic capacity, muscular strength and agility reflexes.

  • Sensorial Development
  • Provides rich sensory experience through touching, hearing and seeing a variety of water movements and color reflections.

  • Social Development
  • Generates interaction between participants, fostering social skills learning-recognition of values, social roles, teamwork.

Water Play Installations in Action

May, 2014
Spray park installations have been implemented in municipal parks, community recreation centres, family fun centres, public swimming pools, aquatic centres and water parks. Read our latest success article.

February, 2014
Vortex Aquatic Structures International has appointed Aquaticplay Pty (Ltd) as the representative in South Africa for the distribution of Vortex water play systems.

February, 2014
National Purchasing Partners Government Expands Its Services through a New Contract with Vortex Aquatic Structures International.

April, 2013
What does a toddler get from playing with water, besides wet? One of the big lessons toddlers are learning is how the world works...